Sold Home in East Fallowfield in 14 Days!”

That’s right, people, 14 days … My house sold so fast I had to go live with my mom (seriously)! “Mama, I’m coming home … “

Honestly, things couldn’t have gone better during the selling process. Matt took the time to come out, meet the family, and go over our whole home, giving tips on how to prepare best for the market before we even signed a contract with him! Dude is dedicated to his craft. Everything he advised us to do overall was pretty simple, low cost, and made a huge difference. Another big plus, he only uses a professional photographer so my listing looked amazing! If your listing doesn’t look good in the age of the Internet, good luck getting a showing! So put the iPhone away and don’t do it yourself, unless that phone is out to call this guy. Once signed up with the team, that’s just it: you have full access to the team. They can meet all your needs.

My review would not be complete without really highlighting the MVP of this team: the lady of the office, Jill Anoia. You want a personal experience? Jill is your girl. You want a quick follow up to a question? Just e-mail Jill. You need a painter, contractor, loan issues, beer recommendation, ride home, pretty much anything … just let Jill know. I literally felt like she was 100% committed to me and my success. I’ve had other real estate “professionals” in the past, but never had this personal experience with anyone. Jill always had my back and I knew if she was on it, it would be done quickly and correctly. There are a lot of successful agents out there, but it’s just as important who is in the office helping to run things. Hands down they have the best in the business. Jill is icing on the cake, and as we all know, the icing is always the best part! CALL THIS TEAM!